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Technology Center/ATTAIN Lab

The Urban League Technology Center is located in a beautiful building at 36 Exchange Street offered to us in-kind by the Binghamton Housing Authority. The Technology Center opened its doors to the community on February 17, 2000 with the mission of bridging the digital divide by enabling all people, especially those who are economically disadvantaged, to reach their full potential by providing inexpensive or free access to technology basic to obtaining economic and social stability. We have programs for youth, adults, and seniors. We offer a fun, safe, and friendly environment for learning. Instructor lead courses use the Microsoft Unlimited Potential Curriculum in a Microsoft Windows XP and Office XP environment. Course offerings include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, Internet, and Computing Fundamentals, and Keyboarding.

In 2008 the BCUL Technology Center became an Advanced Technology Training and Information Networking (ATTAIN) Lab. ATTAIN is also obligated to narrow the digital divide. By partnering with the State University of New York University Center and Workforce Development (UCAWD), BCUL’s Technology Center is able to increase access to connectivity, increase employability skills and access to employment, increase access to academic and vocational education, and increase knowledge of technology to benefit the workplace productivity. BCUL offers over 30 interactive occupational, academic, life skills and ESL courses as well continuing to offer Digital Literacy and Unlimited Potential curricula.

The ATTAIN Labs are located in two facilities – the Urban League Technology Center on Exchange Street in Binghamton and the all new computer lab at Binghamton Housing’s Carlisle apartment complex. These ATTAIN labs offer technology training for free to the community, and in particular to our community’s TANF population. In addition to offering premium workforce competency programs, our goal is to offer free Microsoft certifications such as IC3 and Office Specialist. Each ATTAIN lab will be equipped with Video Teleconferencing to encourage e-learning and geographic partnerships for education. Our goal is have our Technology Center become YOUR Center for free technology education and occupational training. Partnering with our community agencies and using our ATTAIN facility will help us fulfill our mission of bringing the opportunity for economic and social stability to our community.

Binghamton Opportunity Center (BOC)

In conjunction with SUNYBroome, Assemblywoman Lupardo and SUNY ATTAIN; the BOC will train 200 students to develop core academic and technical skills including at least one of the following to better position themselves to obtain employment and / or enter into an academic institution of higher learning or vocational schooling leading to certifications, degrees, or trade skills:

Basic Computer Skills - students will receive certificate of completion of a basic computer class which will give them the introductory skills to enter employment, college, or more advanced certification classes.

Computer Certifications - At least one of the following: Digital Literacy, Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Technology Associate Career and College Readiness Course: Career and College Readiness prepares students for employment in a broad variety of settings. Individualized programs will be created for each participant in order to help them best prepare for their career pathway. Upon completion of this course, students will be ready to take the National Workplace Readiness Credential Assessment for Situational Judgment and Active Listening.

Math and Literacy Skills Students who are not math or literacy ready will take coursework to improve these skills for work or college depending on their career path.

Work Experience Program (WEP)

In an effort to meet the needs of the Broome County Department of Social Services (BCDSS) Welfare to Work (WTW) Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), the Broome County Urban League (BCUL) along with several community based organizations have come together and will offer their expertise and resources with work experience activities (WEP) leading to employment and self-sustainability.

On the Job Training (OJT) handling community items dropped off in bins, as well as, clean streams of garbage from schools, commercial establishments, agencies, garage sales, rummage sales et al, for the collection of recyclable materials. There are many different types of plastics, papers, metals, fabrics and each element could be separated and converted into specific funding streams to create a stable WEP environment for participants. WEP participants will be charged with researching and contacting the different establishments to arrange appointments to pick up collectable items. WEP participants will learn how to establish professional relationships, phone skills, record keeping, advertising, organizational skills, time management along with many other necessary skills as though under supervision the WEP participants will be charged with running this as their own business.

Within the second year activity will include the study of recyclables, i.e., handling and reprocessing of materials into industrial feed stocks whereby increasing awareness and funding streams for separated products. From year one on, partnerships will be created with manufacturers and large corporations which participants will learn and prosper from massive production, transportation and marketing systems. Based on their previous actual work experience, the WEP participants will identify ways to improve practices and make them more competitive while working with local employers through established partnerships to create jobs for the community.


“I wanted to let you know that I accepted a position with the Office of Supply Management Services at Cornell University last week. I’m informing you because I believe the MOS certifications were instrumental in making me more competitive for the job. Feel free to add me to your list of success stories.”
- Scott

”I just received a job offer from Superior Technical Resources and they want me to start as soon as possible. So its drop everything and back to work for me. I found the instruction provided was outstanding in each and everyone of the classes that I attended. It enabled me to learn new skills that will be of significant value to my employer as I re-enter the workforce.”
- Edward

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